Monomanie : Sorte de trouble mental dans lequel une seule idée semble absorber toutes les facultés de l’intelligence.


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Mulberry leaves

Harvested by myself (tough job…):
Dried on the balcony then slightly washed to remove all the dust:
Dried again inside then stored:
Two minutes in a bowl of water in the microwave oven, or directly into the tank. It depends on how confident you feel about it.
All the shrimps come to explore it first, mostly by curiosity. After [...]

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Mulberry leaves

The ones left that I collected in Les Ardennes. I have to find a safe place to get some more.

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Mulberry leaves

Today I gave them a small piece of one of the mulberry leaves that I picked myself, in a forest in Les Ardennes. The leaves dried on the balcony, and were cooked in a bowl of water in the microwave oven for about 2 minutes.
Hopefully the shrimps will be fine tomorrow…For sure they seem very [...]

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Dinner time

This food drives my mosura totally crazy. This is what happens just after 10 seconds, at real speed :

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Mulberry leaves

Another interesting new stuff that I recently discovered:
36 hours later: