Monomanie : Sorte de trouble mental dans lequel une seule idée semble absorber toutes les facultés de l’intelligence.


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Spinach always works

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The exodus continues

My 60L tank was set up in november 2011, and is giving me enough signs of its old age, that I decided to move all the PRL inhabitants to safer tanks.

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Some news

I have to move them to another tank, because the old one seems to be too…old.
Not as beautiful as their PRL parents, but not that bad.

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She’s the one

coming with the certificate. What do you experts think? Is she worth it?
Right now, she’s berried with a few eggs. I would say fewer than 10. About 2 to 3 more weeks to go…

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So this is how it looks like…

A Benibachi certificate of authenticity:
It’s a lady, and she berries eggs right now.