Monomanie : Sorte de trouble mental dans lequel une seule idée semble absorber toutes les facultés de l’intelligence.


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Mounting bulbos

My hobby for orchids, which was the reason of this website creation, was neglected during the last few years.
Anyway, it was time to redo this bulbos mounting.
Original mounting:
Set up more than 6 years ago…

Sphagnum on a nice piece of cork bark:
Looks like a Christmas log

Coir fibers (coconut shell):

Raphia to attach:
Its looks more natural, but biodegradable [...]

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Still working after 3 years

I was mentioning my DIY LED systems. At least for my 5 fresh water shrimp tanks:

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Ephemeral works

Recycling for some new ideas of micro terrariums. Old soil of my shrimps aquariums is used.
A plastic sphere retrieved from a buffet lunch of a caterer. There was food inside:
Second life for this Chanel flask:
Hugo Boss:

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The ring

New version, made with McD’s straws:
I must confess that it was inspired from guppy jars I saw in Vietnam:

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Another micro moss terrarium