Monomanie : Sorte de trouble mental dans lequel une seule idée semble absorber toutes les facultés de l’intelligence.


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Don’t underestimate the power…

…of the Force. Oops, I meant: the power of Heat
Unless you live in the US where air conditioning is everywhere (even when it’s not really needed…), you have to find by any means necessary a way to cool your tanks, when summer heat comes.
A few years ago, as a newbie, I was confident [...]

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Mum-to-be party

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Number 6

She’s the 6th female amongst 14 adult PRL, the lastest who gets pregnant. And I think also the last, because I am pretty sure that this number is definite.

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It’s her turn

She was one of the first PRL babies born in my tanks. Maybe it’s even her on this picture (25/11/2012) :
After 7 months, a few difficulties and 3 different tanks, now it’s her turn :
Her babies are born 5 days ago.

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Hold tight!

Some of the eggs tend to go away. Hopefully, they will stay where they are until the end…